We offer residential, business and governmental installations of photovoltaic and thermal systems. We install several manufactures systems and can provide a solution that is right for you or your company. Our services include roofing and electrical up grades as well. You cant find a solar installer that is more conscientious of your building or the longevity of your investment.
Apart from renewable we specialize in Power generation and distribution using Turbines, Hydro and Wind Energy.

Solar Motion Detector Lights

    Solar spot lights can be used for security and surveillance purpose. They are designed to light up an area for accent and safety. Most often they come as single lights with a solar panel that can be placed up to 12 or 15 feet away or a pair of lights that share one solar panel that can be placed at a distance more»

Solar Street Lights

    Solar street lights were initially used mainly in third world countries or remote and disaster areas, where electricity is not always available. Today's solar energy technology has evolved and solar projects are appearing in both developed and developing countries. more»

Diesel Price Skyrockting

    Diesel costs skyrocketing up to 30% Reduce or Eliminate Diesel and your Electric Bill with a Solar Power System. If you feel the squeeze now on your monthly budget from rising diesel and living costs get ready for even higher diesel bills. more»

Solar Generators. Why?

    "As a licensed electrical contractor, being on a jobsite with a mobile solar generator is a pleasure. It is not quiet, it is silent. It provides a reliable constant supply of 120 or 240 volts which is important for protecting power tools and electric motors." "Pete" Petersen
    Good for the environment. Good for your wallet.. more»